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Finntroll Biography


     March 1997. Alcohol, rehearsal room and two men, respectively known as Somnium and Katla. While usually bands are formed on purpose, the birth of Finntroll was more like series of unfortunate events: thus, enter traditional Finnish hoedown- music, "humppa", mixed with folky black metal. Since those drunken first chords, the concept of Finntroll was born.

     After the release of the first album in autumn 1999, Finntroll spent most of their time composing new music, but on stage as well. The band toured acrossFinlandand even made their first appearance abroad at Party- San Open Air festival,Germany. More alcohol was consumed and in april 2001 the band excitedly travelled to record their second album, "Jaktens Tid", ("The Time of the Hunt") at Walltone studios again. The album got great reviews all over the world and was praised by countless of people, taking the 20th place in the Finnish album charts by storm, surprising both the band and the label.


     Finntroll performed countless of gigs in different countries and festivals, thousands of albums were sold and things were looking really good. Until spring 2002, when the trouble started. Katla began to have problems with his vocal cords, and lost his voice more and more often, and the band had to cancel many live appearances and even one tour. He went through surgical and medicinal treatment, but nothing helped- it seemed that the Chief Troll had lost his voice once and for all. After a hard decision, he decided to step away from the frontman's seat at late 2002 and let the new singer, Wilska, to take care of the duties. As a farewell, Katla participated on the album "Visor om Slutet" ("Songs of the End"), which was an acoustic/ experimental EP the band recorded by themselves at a cottage in a forest in february 2003.


      In September 2006, the band entered Sonic Pump studios inHelsinkito record their newest offering, entitled as "Ur Jordens Djup", "From the Depths of the Earth". The new material is more varied, more crushing and better than ever, and there is no doubt that it is the best Finntroll album to date. In the ten years of it's existence, Finntroll has grown from a band that people laughed at into a band which sells tens of thousands of albums, tours sold- out venues across Europe, co- headlines Wacken Open Air and has zillions of imitato. but we all know that with this certain musical and lyrical approach, there can be only one predecessor, and that is FINNTROLL.

 So, hide your daughters, kegs of rum and men of God, for the Trolls from up North are coming to you!



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