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For The Favorites, the journey to 2008 has been a long one.

The band originally formed in 1999 under a different name. They released a debut EP entitled "Something Magical and Good", and quickly sold out of the initial pressing. They shared stages with notable names such as Bowling For Soup and Clem Snide, and gathered a fan base on par with anyone else playing out of Houston at the time. The guys came back together in 2005. Beji George joined the band on drums, and they entered a studio in Houston to record another EP.

The band was at a crossroads when they sat down to begin work on a new album. They could take the easy route and keep making the songs that made them popular with the fans they had, or they could create the music they truly loved.

The result is Bright Nights, Bright Lights, an album stuffed to the brim with head-bopping pop hooks. It's an album suited for throwing the top down on your convertible and driving to the beach, the perfect record to toss on the iPod for a party. It's a unique album in that every single song, from top to bottom, has the ability to get stuck in your head after only one listen. The band spent the better part of 7 months writing the record, making sure that every song was as catchy and memorable as they could make it.

Bright Nights, Bright Lights is a record that you'll be addicted to. There's no doubt about that. But in creating songs that are seemingly innocent on the surface, the band has also given us a deeper look at ourselves and at our lives. While our lives may seem boring and hapless on the surface, there's always a glimmer of hope shining through the walls we build. There is happiness, and there is love, and behind it all there is music -- the kind that tells us a little bit more about who we are while making us laugh, cry and dance.


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