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Shawn Mullins
Shawn Mullins Dates

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Shawn Mullins Biography

Shawn Mullins lives in Atlanta, he writes the songs that you might have heard in your friend's car.

He is supported by Vanguard Records, a record label that has based it's foundation on the roots of americana music. Shawn just completed a new album for Vanguard this summer that will include the usual suspects from his live full band appearances: Gerry Hansen, Clay Cook, Patrick Blanchard and Peter Stroud. This record will be released on March 11 of the year 2008.

Shawn's musical accomplishments include a dozen self-produced records, two number one charting songs, grammy nomination and thousands of live performances. One of his favorite accomplishments was the decision of the Austrailian Olympic Team to use his song Shimmer as their anthem.

Shawn holds a degree in music education from North Georgia College in Dahlonega, GA where he served in the U.S. Army.

He is active observer of life and translates life into song.

Shawn currently resides on Lake Claire outside of Atlanta, GA with his wife, Kelly, their dog Aslan and Shawn's many goldfish.


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