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At the start of 2008, Sharon Little was working as a waitress. Less than five months later, she is appearing in concert halls throughout the country as the opening act on the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss and T Bone Burnett "Raising Sand" tour. She's winning ovations as Perfect Time For A Breakdown, her brilliant album of heartfelt personal songs, is released nationally. While this might seem that she's an "overnight sensation," Sharon is anything but a flash in the pan. She's a singer of intense emotional honesty and the songs she's written reveal an old soul that just happens to be within a person possessed of undeniable physical and spiritual beauty. The journey that has taken her so far in seemingly so short a time has actually been a life-long quest to find her voice, both in the literal and figurative sense.

Her early repertoire was appropriated from Billie Holiday, Etta James and Nina Simone and she sang wherever she could, including coffee houses, open mic nights, weddings and small club gigs. The opening track of Perfect Time For A Breakdown is "Follow That Sound" and it gives some indication of Sharon's quest for a musical and emotional connection. The assertive tone of "Try" echoes her affinity for gospel and soul.

Now, with the release of Perfect Time For A Breakdown, Sharon finds herself on tour with Robert Plant, Alison Krauss and T Bone Burnett. Plant and Krauss had been looking for an opener and, of course, hundreds applied for the job. Sharon, heretofore a complete unknown, got the slot immediately when the superstars heard her music. The headliners were not alone in their admiration for the newcomer. While it's true that their audiences had no idea who they were seeing perform at the start of the concerts, Sharon's talent and the songs from the new album usually win them over in short order, earning her standing ovations night after night. "It's really an amazing experience to play on a bill with legends like this and to get such a wonderful reception from the audiences that have come to see them. It's almost unbelievable," says Sharon, almost giddy with delight, "I really couldn't have expected things to work out like this but now that they have, I just believe it was all meant to be."

It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on to what the tour audiences are learning first-hand: Sharon Little is a unique voice in a crowded landscape and she's here to stay.


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