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Dr. Know Biography

Dr. Know has been a band since 1981. The original members were Kyle Toucher, Ismael Hernandez, Robin Cartwright, and Joey Pina. They soon went through four singers, finally deciding on Brandon Cruz, who was asked to join after his band The Eddy's was breaking up.


In 2004, Dr. Know did a lot of local gigs in So Cal, like the Nardcore Compilation 20th anniversary gig in Oxnard with 20 bands, went to Canada to play with The Dayglo Abortions, and San Francisco for some gigs with Dinah Cancer, Fang, Oppressed Logic and Retching Red. Gigs in 2005 included an east coast tour thast started with 2 nights at CBGB's with Dayglo Abortions, The Accused, and Munincipal Waste, a run up through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, and Arizona, a few one off gigs with The Exploited, some fun as hell backyard shows with Circle One, and The Wasted Festival in October with 75 bands. 2006 saw the band back out on the road touring all over Southern California, and working out new material with new members Destroyer Rick and Stevil. A gig in Hollywood with friends Pig Destroyer and The Accused gave Dr. Know a whole new audience, and a grind sound started to come out of their speakers. 2007 saw Dr. Know work in a new sound to some older songs, while remaining true to their original hardcore punk rock Nardcore roots. 16 new songs were written and recorded at Synergy Sound in Santa Cruz, California, along with three covers of Motorhead, Dayglo Abortions, and Flipper.


Currently, Dr. Know is getting ready to go out on a tour of the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas with label mates Poser Disposer and friends So Unloved.


Our new record, "Killing For God" is coming out very soon on our new label, Unrest Records. Check out their website at http://www.unrestrecords.com Dr. Know wants to thank Kyle Toucher, Rik Heller, all the old bandmates and all the fans who have supported them for all these years. .


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