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Since the fall of 2006, Fiancé has been winning over audiences across the Rocky Mountain region with their unique style of rock 'n' roll. Combining elements of British pop, indie rock, and classical composition, Fiancé creates a dynamic sonic landscape that is both emotional and exciting. However, it is in their honest songwriting that Fiancé truly hooks listeners. From complex character sketches to haunting accounts of contemporary suburban life, principal songwriter, Patrick McGuire's understated lyricism carries a power akin to that of storytelling greats Elliott Smith and David Bazan. This potent songwriting, that draws comparisons to the likes of Radiohead, Ben Folds, and even the Beach Boys, combined with intricate arrangements and evocative vocal harmonies, creates a genuinely moving experience for listeners.

The Denver-based quartet released their first EP, Girl from the Ivory Coast, in March of 2007 to much acclaim. Since then, they have supported the release with regional touring, radio interviews, TV performances, and numerous shows in the Denver area. In May of 2007, Fiancé was chosen by a panel of CMJ judges to occupy a spot on the Virgin College Mega Tour (Talib Kweli, Sugarcult). Shortly after, the band was honored with an invitation to play a live set at KBCO's world famous Studio C (The Shins, Tom Waits, Coldplay) in Boulder, CO. With the coming release of their new EP, Please, Ambitious, Please, Fiancé introduces us to a new batch of tortured characters accompanied by a carefully arranged and expressive sound that dips and weaves its way to an enthralling finish. "So I'm gonna sing Halleluiah, the ship is going down," sings the narrator of Twenty-Something, a crushing tale of a modern-day Holden Caulfield whose heartbreaking situation is captured immediately by the modulated slide guitar in the capable hands of Michael James and the melodic, McCartney-esque bass line provided by Tyler Reschke. Recorded by Fiancé drummer/engineer Chris Sturniolo in homes, basements, and bedrooms between June and December of 2007 and mastered by Dom Maita (Phillip Glass, Fall Out Boy, Herbie Hancock), Please, Ambitious, Please also takes listeners on an epic musical voyage in Pretty Model's Hands. This emotionally stirring performance builds relentlessly, and finishes strong as McGuire sings, "Pretty model's hands full of lust, God's grace, and pious paper cuts." From these poignant accounts, to the satirical tone set in songs like Super-Soft Knife and I Don't Want You Anymore, Please, Ambitious, Please floats effortlessly to an impressive finish with the lush vocal harmonies and dramatic instrumentation of Quiet Things, a fitting end to an album that begs for repeated listens. Fiancé's plans include extensive touring and performing in 2008 along with continued writing. The band, never content to rest on past achievements, looks forward to an extremely productive year.

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