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Cassandra Wilson Biography

For the majority of her twenty-plus years as a performing artist, Cassandra Wilson's music has defied description, categorization, and convention. Born into a musical tradition that spans hundreds of years, the Jackson, Mississippi native is a vocalist, musician, compose, and producer who has always used her voice to celebrate a continuum. The music she performs may come from a wide range of sources: African rhythms remembered, the majestic blues and guitar bone music of the American heartland, sophisticated harmonies and syncopation of jazz, or post modern meditations of M-Base. The thread that weaves this musical tapestry together is the unmistakable timbre and tone of her voice.

Cassandra Wilson has won numerous awards in recognition of hr work: the Downbeat Reader's Poll for best female vocalist, the Downbeat Critic's Poll for best female vocalist, the Edison Award, the Django D'Or, Montreal International Jazz Festival's Miles Davis Prix Award, and the Grammy. In 2001, CNN and Time magazine voted Cassandra Wilson America's Best Singer.


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