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After the massive success of Paddy's last album, Living, which went eleven times platinum in Ireland with sales in excess of 175,000 (it would easily have been Ireland's biggest selling album in 2005 but for a band called U2 releasing an album the same year), Paddy knew he wanted to break fresh ground on his third album. He was thinking Sly and the Family Stone meet Simon Garfunkel. He was thinking many things. In a boxroom in his Naas home, he came up with the blueprint for songs that would have blues licks, funky wah-wah guitars and Stax-style trumpets. Songs that would sit easily aside the more poignant songs full of personal meaning he already had. He thought of what he had, thought again of Los Angeles and thought "Why not?"

Recorded at the end of last year (2006), one of the first songs finished was the title track, "Addicted To Company" - a warm breeze of a song with a delectable Philly Sound undercurrent (check out those soulful backing vocals). On the song Paddy sings "Don't want to sell tragedy and confusion, Don't want to add to these tales of illusion" and he immediately establishes the lyrical pattern of the album - these are the most narrative-driven, people-centred songs he has ever written.

The magical mystery tour continues as another stand-out track, "Tonight" finds Paddy offering support and solace to a loved one over a gentle but insistent rhythm. When played live, the almost tremulous "Tonight" will be Paddy's "lighter in the air" song.

So much musical ground already covered without even mentioning Paddy's sweetest and most full-on love song to date, the almost reverentially played "Become Apart" - a track that unexpectedly but exuberantly bursts into a marching beat rhythm halfway through. And there's also the melancholic and affecting "Leaving", a song as delicately assembled and astutely delivered as Paul McCartney's "Blackbird".

For some it will undoubtedly be the anthem-in-waiting closing track "You And I", a song that takes a long, hard look at the world we now live in: "This flag of greed they've raised up high, They blazed it cross a holy sky, This war - this plague on liberty, Will all come back on you and me" he sings. For the song, and the album's, conclusion, Paddy is left with no option but to summon his lovely daughter, Saoirse, and a bunch of close friends, to join him on the chorus. Listen as Paddy, and the company he's addicted to, sing openly, sing freely and sing from the heart.

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