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Heroine or Traitor
Heroine or Traitor Dates

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Heroine or Traitor Biography

Heroine or Traitor Evolution has led us here. After a decade and a half of playing in many bands, active military service, Jason Andrade found himself back in Denver Colorado and poised to start a new musical project. Reunited with his long-time friend, and musician, Nathan Marschall, Andrade had grown tired of playing in bands and never seeing any of his hard work come to fruition, so upon finding his way back to Nathan, they had decided to work together in a recording project called: Malintzin, Heroine or Traitor?. As they plodded along behind the sound board, learning the material they began to grow bored with merely programming drums and not actually performing the music. Andrade knew of a young drummer who just might be a perfect fit, enter Sean Groh. Soon the trio began rehearsing in Sean's basement and had their debut, September 15, 2007 at the Larimer Lounge in Denver. The band continues to evolve and pursue what they believe to be the acme of music. Thank You for your curiosity. The band hopes you will stay for the duration.

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