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Sorry, there are no Autokinoton dates.

Autokinoton Biography

Autokinoton was started mid-September 2002 in a garage on the south side of the Arkansas River. The band called Pueblo, Colorado home for some time. Originally Josh Everingham was on the bass, Shaun Herrera playing guitar, and Iniah Lujan played drums. After two performances Iniah had to leave for health reasons. T.J. Roybal filled his spot on the drums and played two shows, Johnny Law caught up with him and that was the end of that chapter.

Back to the drawing board, the new renovations yielded Scott Boyer singing back-ups and working lights, C.J. Burges spazzing out with the main microphone, Robert Daly on guitar, and Chris Lehman played keyboards, this would be the Autokinoton for about the next 7-8 months. The last show as this line-up was on August 30th 2003. A month prior while on tour we met up with our friends Bailer from Denver. One thing led to another and over drunken conversation in a graveyard between Shaun and Andrew Segreti (bailer's drummer), we decided that he would join the band on drums when we got home from our respective tours.

Early September of 2003 was the birth of the next incarnation of Autokinoton. After a few weeks of practice we added Joe Triscari as a vocalist and Graham Chamnis as a second guitar player. Graham would only play one show before leaving the band. In January 2004 Justin Slojkowski picked up second guitar. Justin, Josh, Shaun, Andrew, and Joe then recorded an LP and a split 7". Touring proceeded; together Autokinoton played hundreds of shows for the next 2 1/2 years. In the midst of spring 2006 we parted ways with Joe and decided to continue without a vocalist.

January 2007, Shaun Herrara, one of the founding members, left the band for personal reasons. The remaining three; Josh, Justin, and Andrew, continue on charging forth in to the unknown.

The saga continues

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