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What separates the memorable, pioneering artists from those that are quickly forgotten? If you ask Project 86, they will give you a very good answer: It is the belief in a substance beyond just making a couple of catchy tunes. Maybe that's why so many continue to gravitate towards this seminal Orange County, CA rock outfit after ten years. Maybe that's why Rival Factions--the bands 6th full length--truly projects the fire, fervency, and individuality that so few artists today can capture.

Rival Factions--the concept of two poles in direct opposition--is an allusion to the conflict that lies inside (and outside) each one of us: dark vs. light. The tension of conflict between these adversaries is where you will find these ten, razor-sharp tracks. Simple in structure, yet intentionally diverse in layers and emotions, the band has patented stimulating songwriting. Consider the comparison of tracks such as the ferocious "The Forces of Radio..." and the moody "Molotov." One is bombastic and pounding, while the other is atmospheric and ambient. Though seemingly opposed, their tension as the poles of the record is where the beauty of the album itself resides. Kind of like...Rival Factions.

Bassist Steven Dail and guitarist Randy Torres, along with Schwab, took a completely different approach in writing this record than any other, pushing the boundaries of technology to hone their sound. Throughout the process the members were spread across the world, writing individually rather than collectively. Thanks to the power of the MP3, the band was able to reinvent the process itself:

Schwab's enigmatic vocal approach has evolved as well on this, as he doesn't simply rely on brute force to make his point. Melodic wails and bellowing haunts complement his classic sound with a mixture of the harsh and the moody. Lyrically speaking the record is direct and clever, with hints of poetic justice along the way. On "The Forces of Radio...," he growls I'm analog, two-inch tape...vintage, warm, with a potent hiss. On "Slaves to Liberty" he paints a picture of friendship and hope through brokenness as he wails I have a lifetime of this evidence in me, but you don't need a story--you need broken legs. Call on me...cause I'm not that far away. Finally on "Caveman Jam," (a track that is as classic rock influenced an ) he has a moment of humor, pointing out that there are more important things that just playing music for the scene: ...a man stops to tell he he'd be six feet under that's if it wasn't for our caveman jams.

"Our fans have stuck by us through thick and thin, and this record is dedicated specifically to them. Many have grown right along with, and will continue to stick with us through thick and thin. It's quite a testimony to faith, hope, and divine provision that we are here, and we hope that, no matter what, all who hear this record get something they can take with them and help them through their days."

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