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Mixhell Biography

Iggor Cavalera is much more then Sepultura's ex-drummer. He is recognized all over the world for the twenty year work he has done with the band. Prized several times as the best drummer of the world, Iggor made his style of playing the most impressive quality of Sepultura. It really worked; Sepultura got worldly known, toured through the five continents, sold some millions of records and is considered the biggest brazilian band. In his new project Iggor brings these elements which made Sepultura work so well. Hard Beat Beat is the main line of Iggor's work. In his life, beat has an intensive meaning and appears in everything he does.

Following a natural process, when the artist looks forward to new challenges, nowadays, besides working on studio on his own productions and other partnerships, Iggor is also working on a brand new djing project mixed with live production elements. After a few works with electronic music producers such as Necro, Ice T, Zegon, DJ Hell and others, it became impossible not associating electronic beats to his organic style of playing drums. Now he uses an MPC Sampler with the turntables bringing his original identity to Mixhell's DJ set with a heavy mixture of rock, disco punk, electrobangerghettotrash and underground dance floor beats.

Mixhell Iggor works in this new project with his wife and producer Laima Leyton. In their work they bring to the dance floor references of what they most like to listen and that consequently makes everybody dance. Influenced by underground electronic music, their DJ sets travel to many different places blending electro, discopunk, old school hip-hop, with lots of rocks and electronics. With the MPC Sampler they modify and increase elements to the songs so it fits perfectly to the dance floor. Mixhell is being playing all over Brazil and abroad since 2004. At Skol Beats Festival 2007, they brought live drums to their DJ set. The idea is to incorporate different formats depending on the venue or the concept of the event.

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