Clash Against Commercialism
Clash Against Commercialism Dates

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Clash Against Commercialism Biography

In the past few years, the genre "Visual kei" together with many Japanese bands have gained recognition in America. Other than the flamboyant and flashy appearance, the bands that will be showcased at this festival have nothing in common with the other bands, for the exception of Dir en grey, which have stepped foot on American soil. The difference can be seen in the usage of the element of "visual" (glam) in their method of expression, as opposed to the assertion towards society which is visual, in the case of our bands. The former bands can be seen emphasizing the fundamentals of hard rock in their music when our bands simply pour their soul out into their sounds. The genes origination from FREE-WILL which once controlled half of the West Side of Japan is finally taking root in New York. Furthermore, this severe moment that cannot be described simply with an easy word like 'Live Show' is just around the corner.

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