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The Paperboys
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The Paperboys Biography

It's been said The Paperboys' music is hard to describe. Truth is, you could add rock, Son Jarocho, and world beat to that list too. Call it 'Guinness with a tequila chaser while listening to an Americana Jukebox'. Or 'a place where Irish, Mexican and Roots music collide.'

Of course, this multicultural mix is hardly surprising from a bilingual band, whose founding member is Mexican-Canadian and whose players cover a range of musical backgrounds from Bluegrass to Funk to traditional Scots and Irish music.

And then there's the hardware. They received a Juno Award (the Canadian Grammy) for Best Roots & Traditional Album of the Year (Molinos); and Juno Award nominations for the three of their albums; two West Coast Music Awards for Best Roots Recording (Molinos, Postcards) and three more nominations in that category.

Add to this list, an American Indie nomination; a Genie Award nomination for Best Musical Score for the film 'Lunch With Charles' and appearances in both that film and the movie 'Marine Life.'

The latest release 'The Road To Ellenside' (2006) was wholly recorded at a country manor in rural England. Ellenside was recently listed in the Top Ten critic's poll in The Village Voice, while the video for the single 'Fall Down With You' camped out in MuchMoreMusic's Top Ten for a staggering ten weeks - peaking at Number Four alongside Nickleback, Madonna, and Nelly Furtado - a feat almost unheard of by an indie band.

But what really sets The Paperboys apart is their live show. And for that, the only opinion that matters are the fans who routinely sell out some of the most popular and prestigious clubs throughout Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Europe. They've played everywhere from The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, to The Borderline in London. The Paperboys burn up stages at countless festivals including New York's Falconridge Festival, The Folk Alliance Festival, The Boston Folk Festival, San Francisco's Guinness Oyster Festival and Seattle's Bumbershoot. They've headlined at the UK's Warwick and Trowbridge festivals, and Denmark's Tonder and Skagen festivals. The band averages well over 150 shows a year.

Despite the accolades and sell out crowds, the Paperboys still remain philosophical about it all.

"We're not saving lives," says Tom. "We're not building rockets or running for office. But every night I get to go out there and play my music with great people. I get to sing to a crowd of smiling, dancing people who know the words to every song. And I think, man, am I'm lucky. I have the best job in the world."

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