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Warning: You are currently reading our "bio" section, aka, the "blatantly manufactured hype" section, in which we write a self-aggrandizing, saccharine sweet article about how we are the saviors of rock music, and no doubt your new favo(u)rite band.

You are smarter than that though. You've wandered into this section knowing it to be biased, and if anything, you will recall what we say here later, as you're listening to our streaming MP3's, with a sarcastic irony. "The saviors of rock?!.. Should've been the saviors of breath! Hey-- My Sharona and Myspace called, and they want their lovechild back!" You might o' so wittily retort. So we will save our breath.

Wikipedia wouldn't lie to you, right?

The Matches' second LP, Decomposer, was released on September 12, 2006. The album features work by nine producers, including Tim Armstrong, Nick Hexum, Mark Hoppus, and John Feldmann, among other punk rock mainstays. The album also marks a change to a more experimental Alternative rock sound, as opposed to the pop punk sound of their first album.

Bon Appetit. Careful for bones.

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