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Beat Union Biography

Hailing from two dead-end towns on the outskirts of Birmingham UK, Beat Union - singer/guitarist Dave Warsop, drummer Luke Johnson, guitarist Dean Ashton and bassist Ade Preston - are the classic band made up of childhood friends. Dave and Dean had known each other since they were kids and had begun playing in various garage bands together when they were eleven. They got to know Luke as he was playing in bands on the same scene. In late '95, Dean and Luke wound up playing their first-ever gig together. In 2000, Dave, Dean and Luke joined forces for the first time to form Shooter McGavin. Shooter went on to put out various releases through underground indie labels, before disbanding in 2002.

In 2004 , after a few further line-up changes Luke became the drummer of StN. Luke had been working in the States as a pro-session drummer, most notably in LA punk band Amen. Luke brought in a heavier feel to the band, and this resulted in an overall change of sound. The band felt that the sound and look had changed so much, that the time was right for a name-change. It was at this point that the band became Beat Union. However, at that time, the band were still looking find a permanent bass player - someone who fitted the mould that the other members had created. In March 2006, after playing with and watching Farse countless times over the years, they asked close friend Ade Preston to join the band on Bass. Ade had always been a real focal point in Farse and was renowned for his prescence and swagger. Beat Union was complete.

Beat Union had barely scratched the surface of the national live circuit before their mix of vintage punk with agit-pop hooks struck a chord with Goldfinger guitarist and acclaimed US producer John Feldmann (The Used, Story Of The Year, Good Charlotte).

So elated was Feldmann to uncover a band who could genuinely write a devastatingly contageous melody without sacrificing even an inch of principle, that he flew the band to his Los Angeles studio on his own purse strings. The encounter delivered four recorded tracks that went some way to showcasing Feldmann's vision, and the world-straddling potential of the band's material. But this is merely the beginning, as this glorious partnership is now set to evolve further, with Beat Union primed to return to LA to record their debut album in the summer with Feldmann at the production helm.

The quartet have toured in the last twelve months with Taking Back Sunday, Goldfinger, Bedouin Soundclash, The Wildhearts, Hit the Lights, Alexisonfire and Zox. Coming up they have several major dates lined up - watch press for details. They will unleash their debut single - the immense; the irresistible; the utterly undeniable 'She Is The Gun' - on June 4th 2007 - put back to co-incide with some very special live dates.

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