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Mucc Biography

In 1997, Miya (Guitar) formed Mucc with Satochi in the wake of meeting with Tatsuro (Vocal) when they were high school students in their hometown, Ibaraki. Yukke (Bass) joined the band in 1999 and at this moment Mucc had a perfect lineup.

They kept playing a live show with emotional melody line from Japanese exotic pop songs and heavy sound. In the result, the number of audience increased steadily.

Their songs pull everyone's heartstrings and have impressive messages. That is "hope which exists in despair" and "warmth in sorrow and loneliness." Mucc is definitely one and only for singing about "human" and new generation artist in the world.

In August 2006, the members of MUCC (pronounced "mukku" ) were featured as musical guests at Otakon, the largest Japanese culture convention on the East Coast, playing to two full houses at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. That was their ninth year. Now at a decade together, MUCC has proven itself to be not only prolific, having produced more than ten unique releases to date, but long-lasting--and with throngs of Stateside fans to boot.

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