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Murder, My Sweet Biography

Murder, My Sweet began in late 2004 as the product of an unlikely writing collaboration between Mark Younger-Smith and the beat poet Joseph King. After discussing similar interests in film noir, tribal rhythms and their use in modern music, Younger-Smith began writing songs to these ideas ultimately leading to the creation of a very unique and timely sound. Haunting, Cinematic Electro-Rock that is simultaneously, elegant and carnal, sensual and assaulting.

To perform and record Murder, My Sweet certain qualities had to be found in the musicians. To play the role of lead actor in this ensemble a voice had to be found that could mesmerize listeners and lure them with beauty and grace. Aaron Barrera is that voice and image. Barrera toured with Abra Moore throughout the U.S. and Canada in 1998-1999. He then started his own group Active Radio, gaining critical acclaim on the airwaves. He joined Dan Dyer in 2005 to tour in support of his Lenny Kravitz produced release on Roxy/ Reprise. Younger-Smith found in Barrera a collaborative soul searching for a way to deliver unforgettable performances.

Chris Potter was introduced to the band by his friend Barrera. As keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist, Potter's resume includes his work with members of Ministry and Screw. Potter a lead vocalist in his own right adds choir like backing vocals and the ethereal landscape of electronica. Scott Thomas was recruited for his abilities to perform the most demanding of roles; giving a human feel to the myriad of ethnic percussion loops enter twined with powerful drumming. His experience with recording acts Dexter Freebish and Canvas established him in Austin as one of the premiere drummers on the scene.

Mark Younger-Smith is a veteran guitarist and composer whose resume as a performer includes Billy Idol, Patty Smith, The Divinyls, and Charlie Sexton. As a writer he has composed works for the likes of Idol, Sexton, Eric Johnson, and INXS landing songs on major soundtracks and releases. Perhaps most relevant to Murder, My Sweet, he spent the mid-90's as one of the pioneers of the early electronic-rock hybrid movement, carving the sound of Billy Idol's 1990 and 1993 releases "Charmed Life and Cyberpunk".

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