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Meg & Dia Biography

How it all started: "For Christmas when we were kids, ironically Dia got the guitar and I got the karaoke machine. We quickly learned, however, what we were natural at and destined to become. - Meg


On Nick joining the band: "After playing a few shows together we decided we needed a bigger sound and therefore needed a few more individuals. We hooked up with Nick Price, our current drummer in March 2005. Not only is he an amazing dedicated musician; he has morphed into the responsible dad of the band and has actually taken the lead when it comes to business matters." - Meg


On inspiration: "I write my songs about anything that can make me laugh, or cry, or really happy, which would usually be one of the two "L's": love and literature. If I'm not writing songs, or playing the guitar, I will most likely be found reading. "Indiana," a favorite on the album is about the book, Indiana, written by George Sand. I stayed up late finishing that book. After I turned to the last page and my eyes fell upon the last word, I hurled the novel to the floor and called my sister. Wailing with sobs of uncontrollable volume (my neighbors can confirm this), I asked her how to soothe my tender heart. With slight annoyance in her voice, after patiently listening to my lamentations, she said very calmly and matter-of-factly, "Meg, write a song." Well, O.K. And that's pretty much how it happens most of the time." - Meg

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