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What they will give you is blistering live performances and albums that left filler for dead before it ever came near the studio. Packed with groove riffs that take feet off the floor, deep cuts that nail the artery, and ballads as warm as summer sun on winter skin, Denver's quartet is releasing some of the finest up-and-coming music today. Savage Henry is music that pops, music you forget you're dancing to (even with your boss in the room); a band that makes you forget you have to practice to be that good. Their debut CD, All In, is lurking in car stereos nationwide, causing passengers to float out of the current conversation and interrupt with, "Who are we listening to?" You're listening to music that goes in ears and comes out of bodies in swaying hips, arms in the air, and heads bobbing with every word of Savage lyrics shouting from the mouths. Stacked with drums beating a full-kit pulse outside of 4/4, bass with bloody fingers, a front man with quick lips, full lungs, and blurred feet, Savage Henry always has the crowd up against the stage. The guitar may not be as sexual an instrument as people make it, but don't be surprised to see a cigarette between the strings by the time the show is done. Savage Henry has also gained notoriety for their Pink Floyd tribute show. You have to be good to cover Floyd; otherwise, you'll have fifty hippies in the parking lot trading in their peace signs for baseball bats. Here's the part where the band becomes an equation, the place to chuck a dart at the universe of music to know where to start: think Dispatch meets 311 meets Incubus. Inevitably, putting music into words is like putting a shotgun shell into a BB gun; so buy a disc and load both barrels by stepping into a show. Your body will move from there.

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