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Los Angeles based singer/songwriter AM returns with his sophomore release "Soul Variations", a rich and musically varied album with political undertones heavily influenced by the effects Hurricane Katrina had on his hometown of New Orleans, what the tragic event revealed about America, and perhaps of humanity in general. "Soul Variations" also offers AM's signature songs of lost love such as "Stepping Stone" and "Live A Lie".

In his own words AM describes "Soul Variations":

"Soul Variations has more of a political edge. But like many of my songs I don't think it has to be restricted to that. I try to write songs that can be applied to different situations so the listener can be free to interpret the songs and not be restricted by what I "intended." Many of the songs off the album could be about politics, but could also be about personal relationships. I've never really felt the two are that different. Business, politics and personal relationships all deal with the same fundamental qualities: love, passion, power and sometimes evil. I also feel this record has a much more communal vibe and more of a live feel. There are very little overdubs and the record has a lot of space. I did the whole thing on 2-inch tape so the analog nature of the recording gives it a much deeper and richer feel than my first record (Troubled Times). Musically I feel it has a lot more groove to it. I've been listening to a lot of jazz, R&B and Brazilian music over the last couple of years. I also produced this album myself so that was a great experience."


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