The Umbrella Man
The Umbrella Man Dates

Sorry, there are no The Umbrella Man dates.

The Umbrella Man Biography

The Umbrella Man was created in 2006 by Los Skarnales bassist Nick Gaitan and drummer Patrick Wheeler. Guitarist Johnny Rojas of Sean Reefer and the Resin Valley Boys and saxophone player Nathan Smith of Los Super Vatos soon joined to create the eclectic sounds of the group. With a sound incorporating the best of swing jazz, blues, ska, and country, the Umbrella Man quickly established itself as one of Houston's most unconventional bands. The addition of ex-Skarnales members Robert Rodriguez on accordion and Jeremy Peña on guitar, as well as guest artists like Hilary Sloan on fiddle, further expanded and enriched the Umbrella Man's style. The Umbrella Man is currently working on new material. Keep checking back for new tunes, new video, and new shows. In the meantime, be sure to make it out to one of the shows on the calendar. More news coming soon...

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