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I would like to introduce my side project. I'm calling it The Color Fred, a name that won by popular vote in a poll I posted online. The Color Fred started back in the days of my former band, Breaking Pangaea. It was during this era in my career that I spent much of my free time in a dark, remote corner of my house that was my basement studio. The outcome of this time spent was a collection of songs far removed from anything else I was playing at the time. Most of the songs were acoustic guitar with singing, but on many others, I would play drums, bass, shakers... whatever. My project really began to take shape when one of these songs, "Heading Back East", appeared on an Equal Vision Records compilation. In January 2005, I played my first live shows as "The Color Fred". These included a show near my hometown in PA, and a NJ show supporting my buddies, My Chemical Romance. These first shows were a raw, stripped down version of my work with just me and my guitar. The songs I played at the shows gave a full range of my writing, going back as far as my early days in Philly punk band, Brody. Earlier this year, I played a handful of dates and added a backing band. I plan on playing as many shows as I can during breaks in my insanely crazy Taking Back Sunday schedule. I'm hoping this site will help spread the word.

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