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Heatwave Dates

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Heatwave Biography

It all began in West Germany. Five young men stationed in the U.S. Army came together after work, went to the social clubs to play pool and sing a little harmony. This group was known as 'The Cashmeres'. The Cashmeres joined with three young female vocalists in the same city and called themselves 'The Cashmeres and The Black Pearls', patterning themselves after 'The Temptations and The Supremes'. As time went on, three of the men left for England and Vietnam and the ladies also departed, leaving Johnnie Wilder and one other group member to form a new four-man vocal group called 'The Nobelmen', who picked up a backing band called 'The Soul Sessions', an all-German Band that liked to play what they called 'Soul Music.'

Faces continued to change within the band and Johnnie ended up being the lead singer of the group that became known as 'J. Wilder and The Soul Sessions'. After Johnnie's military tour ended, the group went through many transformations and additions. Original members were: on bass, Eric 'funky man' Joseph, on keyboards, Eric Johns, on guitar, Jessie Whitten, vocalist, Barbara Bell, on drums and vocals, Tommy Harris, and Johnnie. The group derived its name from the days when they were rehearsing in an old run-down building in Germany with a radiator that that kept percolating on the heat year round, thus 'Heatwave'.

Heatwave amassed many achievements, accomplishments, and awards. They had the opportunity to perform before hundreds of thousands of people both in the United States and many of the European countries. Heatwave received gold and platinum records for 'Too Hot To Handle' and 'Central Heating.' Heatwave also received platinum awards for the singles, 'Boogie Nights' and gold awards for 'Always And Forever.' It followed with the platinum award winning single, Groove Line' and gold single, 'Mind Blowing Decisions'. Heatwave also achieved gold status with the third album, 'Hot Property.' Heatwave's fourth LP, 'Candles' and fifth album, 'Current' also sold over five hundred thousand units. In addition, Heatwave sold many albums and singles earning gold and silver awards in Great Britain.

The journey of Heatwave is one of a group that surged to international prominence, which threatened to be eclipsed by tragedy, yet continues to shine intensely in the hearts of those who were ignited on the dance floor by the infectious grooves; electrified at live concerts by the fiery showmanship, and warmed by the smooth ballads that have made them internationally famous.

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