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Baldi & Suburban Graffiti Dates

Sorry, there are no Baldi & Suburban Graffiti dates.

Baldi & Suburban Graffiti Biography

Bringing together the greatest, young musical minds that the New Jersey suburbs have to offer, Baldi & Suburban Graffiti have bum rushed the music industry, with a mix of funk/jazz and hip hop unlike any put together before. The band takes notes from influential mentors from all genres of music ranging from jazz, rock, metal, funk, jam bands to hip hop, and use all such influences to create an energetic live performance that leaves audiences in both shock and awe.

The project itself has been less than 2 years in the making (currently 2006), and in that time the group has already gone through a few transformations, while playing big name venues throughout the Northeast ranging from B.B. King's in Time Square to the Avalon in Boston, MA. The two constants in the project have been Casey McGuire (rhythm guitarist) & Baldi (emcee). Before establishing the group as it stands today, the two spent much of their time in 2005 doing shows at The Crossroads (Garwood, NJ) under the name Baldi & The Jones' with many different players (Chris Vance, John Buscaino and Nick Herbst). When they had no scheduled gigs, the two spent numerous nights doing acoustic sets at open mics throughout northeast New Jersey, in a continuous effort to spread their message and sound.

In September 2005, the two joined forces with Nick Kaminski (drums). With only three solid members at the time, the group was offered their first breakthrough opportunity, which was to play the Lion's Den in the West Village of New York City, a club known for harboring undiscovered talent. The three artists took the show and within a month brought on 4 new members, Brain McNeil (lead guitar), Dan Flaherty (bass), Chris Lijoi (sax) and Dan Rufolo (keys), all of whom still remain in the group today. With nothing but their talents and a set list, this hastily established band took the stage on October 28, 2005 in front of over 100 people and birthed Baldi & Suburban Graffiti as it is known today.

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