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After selling 500,000 copies of their first two albums (their self-titled debut and Potters Field) and touring relentlessly, 12 Stones decided it was time for a break from the road. The band packed up their gear and headed back to Mississippi and Louisiana. And what did these guys do on their time off? Well, as singer Paul McCoy put it, they "grew up a lot."

All of the guys are now fathers, and they spent a good deal of their time away from music with their families. However after a few years away from touring, McCoy says, "I really just couldnt wait to get back to making music."

12 Stones has always thought of themselves as the "underdog" in the music business. Sure, they have hundreds of thousands of fans but they fought for each and every one of them. The band has yet to have a big, break-out radio hit at pop, but active rock has embraced their sound since the release of the debut. Their fans have stuck by their side and continue to reach out to on a daily basis through their website and MySpace.com page. This support is evidence that hard work truly pays off, and even after a long absence from the scene the faithful are still by their side.

12 Stones has been through a great deal in the past few years, but somehow the band has made the best of what theyve got and come out the better for it. They continue to strive for the top, and McCoy says they "are ready to step up and take the lead. This album is the best attempt weve got to grab new fans, and were ready."

"We are really proud of this collection of songs, and think the fans are going to love it," McCoy continues. "Weve been gone for a while but cant wait to get back out there weve never been in a better place."

Underdog? Not for long


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