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Since the 80s, they have always been the only people who understand.

They understand the commitment it takes to land a switch backlip on a steep handrail at 1:00 am. That ability and desire to pick themselves up repeatedly to hike the stairs and drop in just one more time. They understand why living four to a studio makes sense.

They understand the importance of the white room. That brief space in time when the world lights up, then goes black They understand the need to load a truck with hockey-rink ice and roll into Manhattan.

They understand that riders in the mold of Ranquet and Roach are still alive and well, even if the media spotlight shuns them. The fact that within every resort community there is a group of people who work shitty jobs, stay up all night, and do whatever it takes to get on the hill everyday.

They understand the fun of spraying a friend with a wall of snow.

And they're the only ones who understand the relationship of product design and riding. The way in which a binding should connect a rider's thoughts with the motions of snowboarding, the way a board should flex in precise places at precise moments, the way a glove should flow with hand movement, and the way a backcountry pack should store and hold gear. They are the only ones who know. Their voice should always ring the loudest.

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