1997 Dates

Sorry, there are no 1997 dates.

1997 Biography

In today's rapidly evolving artistic culture it seems that our standard musical genre classifications no longer serve to describe modern sound. Rock music is mutating. Punk has given way to post-punk, while hardcore has progressed to post-hardcore. Metal has forged onward into metal core and nu-metal, while pop has paved the way for power-pop and alternative. All the while, Chicago natives 1997 find themselves on the forefront of this auditory onslaught.

Throughout their still brief history, 1997's sound has been compared by fans and critics to bands ranging from Promise Ring, Acceptance and Mineral to Mates of State, The Get Up Kids, and Jimmy Eat World. While comparisons certainly can be made, such a description fails to describe the atmosphere of a stuffy attic apartment as it became flooded with the heartfelt sounds of acoustic guitars and passionate voices. It was this humble prelude that would soon give way to the current musical force that is 1997. With inventive songwriting, expressive lyrical content, thrilling harmony, intricate musicianship, and a live performance that blows minds and breaks hearts, it comes as no surprise that critics and fans agree 1997 has a very bright future ahead of them.

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