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Boat Car Biography

Boat Car is a vehicle for music, born of dreams. In the fall of 2006, it first motored out of the creative landscape of writers and founders Andrew Merriam, Joe Dorr and Jeff Wiens and has gathered momentum with Donny Broussard helming the drum kit.

Boat Car is an original, mountain-grown, funky, jazzy, folky, jammy kinda band…something akin to mixing Phish with James Brown…or the Talking Heads with Neil Young…or The Band with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The influences and perspectives of each member are as unique as the geographic regions from which they came: Merriam from Kudzu-laden Georgia, Wiens from Missouri hillbilly country, Broussard from Katrina-soaked New Orleans and Dorr, a rare Colorado native. But the sound is pure Boat Car.

Everyone in the band writes and every song is considered viable material to be tested on the road. It's about the individual songs, finding the dynamics within, arranging the harmonies and locking into the grooves. Merriam skillfully plays a custom-built, semi-hollow Crow Hill guitar and many of the songs provide him space to solo or trade riffs with Dorr on bass who may be one of the funkiest white boys to come down the pike in a long time. Broussard has obviously been playing since childhood as his rolls and fills are flawlessly executed without missing a beat. Wiens provides stable rhythm and unexpected tonality with non-traditional guitar tunings.

Next time you find yourself stranded and bored on the flats of the music highway, thumb down Boat Car. Wherever they take you…you're sure to enjoy the ride.

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