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The Delusions Biography

Formed in early 1996 Boston based band the Delusions were known for their straight-ahead, meat and potatoes punk rock. Fed up with the growing numbers of underfed, tea drinking, clove cigarette smoking, indie rockers crossing the boards in Boston clubs, the band's members Eric Doberman (vocals, guitar), Tom Doberman (guitar, vocals), Diego "Spiro" Suez (bass, vocals), and Druggie Doug (drums, vocals) resolved to take a different path. Their debut "Nonne Quid Habes?" was released in the fall of 1996. Fourteen songs of emotionally charged, Marshall powered rock and roll, it received positive reviews from as far away as the former Soviet Union. In performance the band became infamous in Boston's politically correct arts and music circles. Their provocative lyrics and confrontational style of performance earned the band a devoted, almost fanatical following. After making Boston rock history by playing The Rat's closing night The Delusions continued on with several different lineups (and a name change towards the end) finally calling it a day in 2000. The Delusions occasionally reunite and will gladly consider playing shows in New England, New York or the mid-Atlantic area.

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