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Singer-songwriter and guitarist Crosby Loggins has been around music his entire life, and has been making it almost as long. His songs flow in a wave of soulful vocals and seamless musicianship and always hit their emotional mark. This authenticity, combined with his innate sense of when to let the music be graceful and spare and when to propel it powerfully forward, is Loggins' artistic signature.

The name has a ring of familiarity, pointing to his legacy as the eldest son of GRAMMY®-winning pop/rock/soundtrack legend Kenny Loggins. Growing up in Santa Barbara, Crosby had the opportunity to first experience music through an extraordinary circle of artists that included Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Michael McDonald and Glen Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket), among others. "I always loved being around them," says Crosby, "but dad was just dad. It was the other musicians who were a huge deal to me. I respected and admired them so much, even though I had no real concept of their celebrity at that age."

We All Go Home, the debut album from Crosby Loggins and The Light, is an eloquent statement of Loggins' emerging vision. Featuring Crosby on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, the disc's 12 songs also spotlight a stellar group of musicians he met through the creatively rich music scenes in Ojai and Ventura, California. Their musical and vocal synergy inspires his work, creating a timeless appeal and a genre-skipping sensibility that intersect effortlessly.

We All Go Home is the first new artist release to come out on the label arm of J&R Adventures, the entertainment company that rock-blues star/guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa formed with his longtime manager and business partner Roy Weisman. Joe and Roy's vision for the company is to build a family of authentic performing artists in the spirit of Motown's early years, but across diverse genres with artistic integrity as the unifying thread. They saw Crosby Loggins as an ideal fit for J&R's growth. He will tour extensively with Joe this year opening shows with a solo acoustic set.

Crosby Loggins will play over one hundred dates with Bonamassa in the U.S. and Europe through early 2008. He will also begin touring as a headliner, including dates with his band The Light.

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