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Los Angeles Rock is back on the map with Sunset Strip rock darlings Poets & Pornstars dragging it back from the brink, kicking and screaming and bringing all of Los Angeles along. "We had a Friday night residency at the Viper Room, and we started packing the place out," recalls Poets & Pornstars frontman Hal Ozsan. "There was so much electricity from the crowd - we knew we were making something special happen. We were giving L.A. the Strip back and giving the Strip rock and roll back."

More than four decades after its countercultural beginnings, Los Angeles' famed stretch of live-music venues continues to draw bands cranking out what Ozsan calls "down-and-dirty three-chord rock." Poets & Pornstars' oeuvre is a particularly spectacular example of the form, demonstrated by their eponymous debut album (due Aug. 21, 2007, on Wenzl-Hopper Records/Adrenaline Music Group). The Los Angeles Times described P&P's sound as "a chest-pounding mélange of electric gloss," which has made Ozsan, guitarist Tom "Domo" Domaracki, keyboardist Randy Austin, bassist Sally Hope, and drummer Dave Plesh ideally suited to have shared the stage with Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson and Buckcherry, more than once playing to crowds of 15,000-plus.

"The grassroots support of our fans and our connection with them at shows has been really intense and amazing," Ozsan reiterates. "With every beat, with every chord struck, they are creating these songs with us." This communal phenomenon is addressed on the Poets & Pornstars cut "Get Your Kicks." Asked about that song and "Rock and Roll," the lead track and first single off the album, he ventures: "In a very elemental way, rock 'n' roll represents those aspects of human nature that inspire us to find something majestic in ourselves. I, personally, have always felt a transcendent spark in rock music. I think our fans understand this on the most visceral level, and it's part of what draws us all together."

"The adrenaline rush of rock 'n' roll wills the impossible and manifests the divine," he declares. "For me, that manifestation is Poets & Pornstars, and with this record, we hope to pass along the spark of inspiration."

Hal Ozsan, vocals/guitar Domo, guitar Randy Austin, keyboards/percussion/vocals Sally Hope, bass Dave Plesh, drums

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