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The Rentals will take to the road in North American starting May 5 with Rey Pila and Radiation City, in support of their 2014 full-length album, Lost In Alphaville, released on the Polyvinyl Record Co.  The album is a landmark return from songwriter Matt Sharp, who assembled another great and eclectic collection of musicians to create, “a wonderfully endearing and otherworldly future-past melancholy vibe, and a bevy of memorable and infectious hooks”, said the esteemed Jim DeRogatis for WBEZ.
On September 5, 2014 the main collaborators from Lost In Alphaville came together at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. For the very 1st time Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig (Lucius), Ryen Slegr (Ozma), Lauren Chipman (The Section Quartet) joined Sharp along with Jared Shavelson subbing in for Alphaville drummer Patrick Carney (The Black Keys) to perform songs from the newly celebrated release.
Understanding that this may be the only time that this unique collection of musicians would be able to come together, the band’s label decided to document the entire day by filming from the set up, soundcheck, pre-show, main concert, post-show and everything that came in between the bookends of loading-in and loading-out. This intimate look into the beautiful chaos of “a day in the life” with The Rentals became the basis for Alphaville’s 1st official music video “1000 Seasons”. Elegantly shot by JDVVC and edited by J. Santos the infectious video gives the fans of the album perhaps the one and only opportunity to watch the album’s main musicians collaborate and celebrate together - watch via YouTube.
Keeping the musical-collective tradition that Sharp has always employed with the band, the ever evolving, ever revolving door of guest Rentals collaborators will feature Shawn Glassford (Starfucker) on bass and synthesizers, Lizzy Ellison & Patti King (Radiation City) on vocals and synthesizers, Ryen Slegr (Ozma) on guitar, Ted Gowans (Tegan & Sara) on guitar, Jared Shavelson on drums which all swirl around Sharp’s deadpan vocals while he wildly conducts the onstage analog synth madness.


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