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Hey everybody, hope you are all doing great. We have some important news to share with you. After over 7 years, Silverleaf has decided to hang up the gloves. I know for some this may come as a shock and even a disappointment but I want everybody to know that this was a mutual collaborative decision between the 4 of us. Rather than get into all the specific reasons, I will just say that we each found ourselves at different places and decided that the best course of action would be to move on. We are all friends and have the utmost respect for each other as we close this chapter of our lives. We are each so incredibly thankful for the support you have given us over the years. Many of you have been with us since the 24 Count days while others came on board once Silverleaf kicked off. Either way, you guys have been awesome and there is no way we could have accomplished what we did without you. From being a Budweiser True Music band, to seeing 700+ of you packed into Numbers for our CD Release, to having the opportunity to open for bands such as Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Seven Mary Three and many others, your support allowed 4 guys to live out a dream of playing our music on stage. Sure it would have been nice to ink a deal, but I can honestly say that I have no regrets, and in fact have learned so much about myself while establishing a brotherhood and bond with 3 great friends.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself.. so that's it? Its over? No last goodbye? Well not so fast.. We have planned a very special night at Warehouse Live on September 8th that all of you are invited to. This will be our farewell show and we will have some pretty cool surprises in store so we hope to see all of you there. For more info check .

Also, I want to let everybody know that just because Silverleaf is coming to an end doesn't mean that you will never hear from the 4 of us. In fact, I want to let you know about Falling North , a new project that Zack and Bruce have started. If you want to hear them live, then come to our Farewell Show on Sept 8th, as they will be playing a set after Silverleaf. As for Matt and I, keep your eyes open for some very fun acoustic shows in and around town. More to come on this..

In closing... I want to say thank you first and foremost to our families whose support never wavered over the years, our friends who have stuck with us through thick and thin, and of course all of the amazing fans we have met along the way. We look forward to seeing you on September 8th at Warehouse Live to close the chapter on what has been an amazing ride. See you there!

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