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If The Killers and The All American Rejects had a baby in the backseat of The Beach Boys car, it'd look something like Southern California's brand new four-piece A Cursive Memory. Young and hungry, Mark, Shaun and Colin are anxious to take the music world by storm with their one-of-a-kind combo of subtle piano leads, churning guitars, twisting 80's-style keyboards and huge, anthemic choruses.

During the day the boys spend their time in school waiting for the bell to ring, staring out the window dreaming about taking their music to the masses. And when the bell finally tolls they are out the door and off to rehearse, record or rock a crowd.

Drawing from many different genres and sounds, ACM are constantly experimenting and pushing themselves to make music that will turn even more heads. They've found a style all their own that they continue to perfect and an ultra-loyal fan base that continues to grow. And they've managed to do it before any of them has hit 18.

When ACM caught the ears of M-Music, the new music management division of Bunim/Murray Productions (MTV's The Real World, The Simple Life), they became M-Music's very first signing. Since then, they've been heard on MTV's The Real World, MTV's The Challenge, and a commercially-run ad campaign for Motorola's new motor ROKR.

Infectious, heartfelt, and powerful, ACM is all about dropping hooks that'll keep you awake at night, giving it their all onstage and in the studio, and writing songs that are well beyond their years.

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