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Xiren Biography

Xiren, a name derived from Greek mythology and Celtic lore, is a rock trio packing a counter tenor and a lifetime of musical performances. In partnering with Ben Jansen's gifted musicianship and production acumen, Xiren is able to maximize their creative vision and remain the driving force behind self-engineered albums and live shows. The front man, Xiren, was born with the same kind of old-world resolve and ingenuity his father embodied during his migrant journey to America, and combines his work ethic, technological know-how and clever use of resources to ever improve the quality of his work. Now, all of this has to be held down by something. The deep sureness of Rich Ross' bass and the rhythms of Mike Rice's elegant drumming hold the band down while propelling it forward. It's in Xiren's great rhythm section that the band finds its sexuality and its dangerousness. Together Rich and Mike create the element that suggests the ecstatic possibilities of that other kingdom -- the one below the earth and below the belt -- that no great rock band can lay claim to the title without.

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