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Unleashed Biography

Heroes aren't born overnight. The difference between a one-hit wonder and an overnight sensation is the consistency of their creative work, their long-term significance for the scene. Unleashed count without doubt among the death metal elite and are also considered pioneers of a Nordic mythology metal of the special variety.

Since the beginning of the Nineties, the quartet from Sweden have come up with wonderful albums that have regularly caused quite a stir on the scene and have been celebrated enthusiastically by their fans. Unleashed signed a new contract with Steamhammer/SPV in summer 2006, bringing out their current release and eighth studio album, Midvinterblot.

The audience had better prepare themselves for a tough-as-nails metal manifesto bursting with energy and the "high level" mentality that is so typical of this band. "Get ready for one of the most impressive albums in the history of death metal," band leader Johnny Hedlund warns his fans. "The new contract with SPV marks the start of a totally new era of extreme music … the era of warriors!"

With their eighth studio album and SPV debut, Midvinterblot, UNLEASHED has further refined their nearly unmatched ability to craft uncompromisingly heavy material that crackles with infectious creativity while never resorting to the speed-by-the-numbers routine that has marginalized too many of their counterparts. Forged with the blood and spirit of their Viking ancestors and tempered with the bands patented razor-sharp attack, Midvinterblot storms the shores brandishing a smoldering, ferocious intensity that instantly vaults the album into the realm of death metal's very best.Like a fire raging atop the hallowed walls of Valhalla, Midvinterblot stands proud as a beacon that shall summon all true warriors towards their ultimate destination. All hail the masters return!

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