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Type O Negative Biography

The world we live in is marked by disorder and chaos. Few things, if any, are certain. But then there is Type O Negative, the Brooklyn band whose been making a glorious, doom-caked racket for over a decade. With a sense of humor blacker than the clothing that the individual band members wear and a profound distaste and disgust for both humanity and political correctness, Type O Negative never changes with the times the times change with them. Marked by sharp wit and bouts of gloom 'n depression, Type O Negative continues to reward its listeners with what they have come to love and what they have to expect from the Brooklyn doom squad: a nihilistic world view, anthems of sex and death, and a blinding torch of well-placed hate. It is Type O Negative's gothically tinged metal, reared on a steady diet of Bauhaus and Sisters Of Mercy, which never takes itself too seriously, that has garnered them critical and commercial success. 1993's Bloody Kisses was the first album to achieve Gold and Platinum status in the Roadrunner Records catalog. It's successor, 1996's October Rust, also went Gold, thus solidifying Type O's roots in the sediment of metal.

Through it all, bassist/frontman Peter Steele still reminisces about his days as an employee of the NYC Parks Department, still lives in the same basement apartment in Brooklyn, still drives the same car, and still wolfs down TV dinners. And he and his cohorts still make bittersweet, head down hard rock. Life Is Killing Me is Type O's fifth full-length record, and its first batch of new material since 1999's World Coming Down. Life Is Killing Me is more grist for the Type O Negative mill, further championing the band's lifelong subscription to the attitude that the glass is not only half empty, but broken and laced with cyanide. Life Is Killing Me's alchemy of sludge metal and chilling gothic imagery and conventions is just what fans and critics have come to expect and to rely on in this chaotic, undefined world. Life may be killing Type O slowly, but the band is alive and kicking with new material for the time being. Thankfully.

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