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Teddy Geiger
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Teddy Geiger Biography

If you knock on the door of the house where Teddy Geiger grew up (please, don't actually knock on the door, we're just saying this hypothetically), his mom would probably tell you to come on in! That's the kind of open environment where Teddy taught himself to play guitar and piano and write songs in his basement, starting when he was only eight years old.

With thick glasses and a bowl hair cut, that outcast little kid from Rochester, New York hit the local coffee bar scene when he was still a freshman in high school - playing for just his family and a handful of friends! Still, his fan base of "TedHeads" grew with his frequent local gigs and the release of his hit indie regional EP, Stepladder (Cred Records), which showed up in Billboard Magazine's top 10 mid-atlantic releases.

Then, Teddy got caught up in the wild world of reality TV. No, he didn't eat bugs on "Fear Factor" or try to "Date Your Mom." He was a finalist on VH1's "In Search of the New Partridge Family," where he caught the ear of producer Billy Mann (Sting, Pink, Kelly Rowland, Backstreet Boys). Billy got an acute case of Geigeritis and went on to produce Underage Thinking, Teddy's debut album for Columbia Records.

Okay, so Teddy is crazy talented and a prodigy musician/songwriter and actually a really sweet, genuine guy - now get this: he cares about other people. (He's played shows just to give money to Tsunami Relief and The Red Cross' Gulf Relief Campaign.) But most of all, he is all about his fans. Every day he is shocked by the support he gets for his music and on tour he makes a point of trying to hang out (autographs of course, but...) to just talk to his fans.

Yeah, he's for real. He writes his own lyrics and arranges his own music. So now look at out boy: an AOL Breaker Artist and part of the new ClearChannel Online Emerging Artist Initiative. The opening act on this summer's "..1 Stadium Tour" with Hilary Duff, Teddy has also rocked it out with Pete Yorn, Brandi Carlisle, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Frankie J, Gavin DeGraw, Jesse McCartney, Kelly Clarkson, and The Click 5, Aslyn, and Tyler Hilton.

What other stuff do people want to know about Teddy? Yep, that is his real hair. Yes, Teddy's real name is John Theodore (but only his mom might call him that if she's really annoyed). No, he is not dating Kristin from "Laguna Beach," but he had what he called on MTV "friendly fun" making the video with her. Yes, he'd love to play everyone's living room and prom, but he can't because of his crazy tour schedule. No, he doesn't have a girlfriend - at the moment. But he does have an amazing debut album - so git it, pronto!

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