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Pretty Ricky Biography

Miami heat is nothing compared to Pretty Ricky's scorching musical inferno. Not since the days of music legends like The Beatles, The Jackson 5 or more recently N'Sync has there been such a fevered pitch, creating hysteria and chaos when crowds glimpse brothers Spectacular, Pleasure, Slick 'Em, and Baby Blue. Through their frequent appearances in teen and music magazines, videos and on television combined with early participation on, Pretty Ricky quickly blossomed into a multi-faceted recording act whose style and imagery play a significant role in their development into superstars.

Pretty Ricky first exploded back in 1997, working the Miami music circuit with weekly jaw-dropping performances. Their father, Joseph 'Bluestar' Smith, eventually had his boys getting Top 10 spins on regional radio, and in late 2004 Atlantic Records CEO Craig Kallman heard about the frenzy they were causing. Kallman's decision to sign Pretty Ricky was solidified the first night he saw them live, as he was nearly trampled by over 1,000 eager fans.

Over the course of just a few months, Pretty Ricky exploded. Their Atlantic debut, BLUE STARS, was one of the best selling albums of 2005 and spawned three hit singles. The album quickly scored RIAA Gold status, and nearly broke the 1 million mark in just a year.

So, what's the plan for round 2? 'We didn't want to be in a position where the label would say, 'Give us four hot records,' Baby Blue explains. 'We wanted to come up with an album full of singles...we'll never put fillers on our album.' Pretty Ricky wanted to make a second splash in 2007 with an album just for the fans. They started online chats via and even held a contest to help name the new album. Over 10,000 hopefuls submitted possible titles, but in the end, Pretty Ricky chose LATE NIGHT SPECIAL as their favorite.

Although Pretty Ricky's first CD boasted big hits, LATE NIGHT SPECIAL seems destined to surpass their previous success. The growth and maturity of their lyrics, production, and vocals, coupled with Pretty Ricky's innate ability to connect with virtually any market shows the diversity and expansion of these superstars. Forget everything else on the menu�PRETTY RICKY is your one and only LATE NIGHT SPECIAL.

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