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With Who We Are, their fourth Geffen album in seven years, Lifehouse, all still in their mid-20s, are really starting to enjoy the fruits of their success and have some fun. Their multi-platinum 2000 debut, No Name Face, produced "Hanging by a Moment," a #1 alternative hit which crossed over to become Top 40's Most Played Song, while 2005's self-titled platinum effort yielded "You and Me," a giant hit ballad that set a record by spending more than 60 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, Lifehouse are not just the sum of their considerable accomplishments.

On Who We Are, singer-songwriter Jason Wadealong with drummer Rick Woolstenhulme and bassist Bryce Soderberggets back to the basics of what made him first form the band while still a teenager in suburban California.

Producing themselves for the first time with Jude Cole, who also co-wrote several of the new songs, that joy comes across unfettered on the rocking twang of the lead single, "First Time," already climbing the Hot A/C and Top 40 charts, a fond look back at the butterflies and excitement of the initial rush of romance.

"This record came very naturally," agrees Bryce, the newest member of Lifehouse, who cut his teeth on tour before entering the studio with his bandmates. "On the road, we'd throw a song out during sound check and it just flowed together. There was a great deal of spontaneity involved. We were into similar influences. It felt like we were on the same page musically."

With all their radio airplay, multi-platinum sales and awards, Lifehouse are still intent on raising the bar, which makes Who We Are a revelation both musically and lyrically.

With Who We Are, Lifehouse are free to be exactly who they area rock band with a gift for melodies and lyrics that touch people.

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