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The Legendary Pink Dots
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The Legendary Pink Dots Biography

An Anglo-Dutch experiemental rock bank formed in London in 1980, The Legendary Pink Dots operate outside the musical mainstream and have maintained a fiercly loyal cult following worldwide, sustaining a lengthy career that has seen them release 40+ albums.   The core members of the group, Edward Ka-Spel (vocals, keyboards, songwriter) and Phil Knight (aka The Silverman)(keyboards, electronics) are joined by guitarist Erik Drost, electronics / effects man Joep Hendrikx and sound wizard Raymond Steeg for 'Pages of Aquaris', the band's follow-up to 2013's much praised dystopian describing 'The Gethsemane Option':

"A post-modern album that hands over new gems on every listen" PROG
"Neo-psych-neo kosmische electronica, it's inexpressly hair-raising" RECORD COLLECTOR
"An accessible and ambitious album" THE QUIETUS

Ka-Spel's distinctive voice and lyrical imagery blends with hypnotic guitar, spellbinding bass pulses and synth washes to create a sound that has often been described as "industrial Pink Floyd."  But, although there are echoes of Syd Barrett's Floyd in their sound, it's early Bowie, The Residents, Can and Faust wh were undoubtedly bigger influences on the fledgling LPD's, alongside musique concrete composers such as Pierre Henry.   Indeed, the lengthy fever dream-like sonic expeditions that litter the band's catalogue have often received the greatest praise, and existing fans will have no hestitation in adding the glorious 17 minute CD closing "Don't G There / Page Acquarian / Jacob's Ladder" to their 'best of Dots' lists.    Buyers of the 2xLP and digital formats will also have the equally captivating bonus of the 16 minute "The Weight of Water Parts 1-4".

They promised us so much,...Naked hippes and soma fountains and patchouli rain from candy floss and clouds and flowers and the summer that would never end.   The Age of Acquarius.  The Age of Harmony and understanding and tolerance.   Say it soflty, like an Aquarian, The Age of....Love.  The Age of Love and HAIR.
Page One Aquarius.   How does it look out there?
Bad hair, no hair.  Covered up.  Walls.   And God is everywhere, splashed in the red across those walls.  And the fountains are dry, the ocean is full and they're dragging the lost from the depths of the sea and tying them up with wire.   It wasn't supposed to be like this.   Are we in for 2160 years of this?
I'm an Aquarian.  I believe in this crazy stuff and I visualize big old Pisces lying there, dying there.  Huge, wounded, angry because no-one helps and every hot feverish cry brings a new storm, and every kick shakes the planet to its core.    Big old Pisces.   Huge but invisible so no-one sees him except the irittating baby that tickles his nose with an oily feather.   Page 2000 Pisces. , the end of the cycle and it hurts.   It can't last.
Page One Acquarius.  The World is Beautiful.   Blessed be.  EK.


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