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Jessica Harp
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Jessica Harp Biography

I don't really like bios, so I decided against putting one up here. I don't want someone to write paragraph after paragraph, embellishing truth, attempting to convince the general public of my validity and talent as a musical artist through words. No, I didn't leave the womb with a guitar in hand, and I know that my advancement in this particular career choice isn't only based on talent, but also a lot of luck and a lot of work. So you're not going to find a list of every move I've made along the way here. I know people don't really care about that small town supermarket talent contest I won at the age of 15. So here are just a few silly little facts about me as a person:

Given Name: Jessica Leigh Harp

DOB & Place: 2/3/82, Kansas City, MO

Current Place Of Residence: Nashville, TN

Family: Two amazing parents & one lovely sister

Marital Status: Engaged to a very handsome boy :)

Favorite Sport: Football

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Always changing…

Hobbies: Collecting "do not disturb" signs from hotels

Other Outstanding Collections: Hats, shoes, movies and music

Favorite Songwriters: Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke, specifically large fountain with lots of ice

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Place: Kauai, Hawaii

Pet Peeves: CDs out of cases and lying around, loud chewing of food, running out of Diet Coke

What I Would Do If I Couldn't Be A Musician: I'd be a songwriter

What I Would Do If I Couldn't Be A Songwriter: Live in the South, get married and have a ton of kids

Goal: To be able to make a living as a musician and songwriter, live in the South, get married and have a ton of kids

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