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Go Betty Go Biography

When female pop-punk quartet Go Betty Go crashed out of a Glendale, California garage in 2001, they easily assumed prominence in the always booming, aggressive Los Angeles rock scene. Sisters Nicolette and Aixa Vilar (vocals and drums, respectively), the powerhouse force-of-nature guitarist Betty and bassist Michelle Rangel, Go Betty Go gigged an average of sixteen times a month. Their disparate music interests (Betty loves pop and rap; Nicolette Brit pop and indie punk; and Aixa and Michelle punk and classic rock) gelled into one compelling whole.

With the release of NOTHING IS MORE, Go Betty Go meets the promise of the past four years of work. Produced by Flogging Molly's Ted Hutt, NOTHING IS MORE is a rich exercise in high-octane pop-punk, leavened with several differing moods and sounds that add nuance and dimension beyond the group's well-established approach. Themes of desperation and hope are thoughtfully explored, particularly on opener "Saturday" and the stunning "Runaway," where Nicolette's strong, clear-toned vocals are delivered with perfection. " The Pirate Song" goes off the beaten path with a tongue-in-cheek magnetism, enhanced by the Pogues' James Fearnley's accordion and Hutt's banjo; A handful of GBG stage show staples are finally captured-- "Crumbling Down," "Donde Voy" "No Hay Perdon"--but it's the new material that really expands on the promise the band has shown from their earliest days.

The results are indisputable. From the whimsy of "I'm From L.A.", (they say i'm lazy...i'm always late/ full of excuses...i'm from l.a), to the dire, real-life urgency of "Get Out," Go Betty Go is not merely reaching out, they're grasping a dynamic expanded musical vision. Hutt's production, by turns big and brash , textured and intimate, complements the results with an ideal mixture of sheer scope and subtle guidance, revealing Betty as masterly rock guitarist, Michelle as a bassist of conspicuous acuity, with Aixa's drums delivering both Richter scale jolting power and understated restraint. Topped off by Nicolette's evocative vocals, NOTHING IS MORE documents this extraordinary band at a critical point in their career, successfully combining longtime fan favorites with ambitious new techniques for a dazzling set that is not only impressive, it also demonstrates that Go Betty Go's intoxicating passion and promise have really only just begun to blossom.

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