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Evans Blue
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Evans Blue Biography

A dilemma arose when you started to regress back to who you never wanted to be. The pursuit begins when this PORTRAYAL of life ends, and it will start on your count or it will never start at all. There is an evolution, and it feels similar but it runs through different parts of your body. It is a sound that is more distinct, and it is collected and displayed by 5 minds attacking one medium. It is Evans blue.

It came quickly this time around, and for every beat he hammered out there was a note to match. He was low, distinct and solid. Their aggression pounds down in spades, but there's beauty intertwined within his crushing sound of clean and distortion. He walks through layers with delayed momentum and ties everything together. There's a growl in his voice that won't be contained. The music comes together in his favor, and he rests above it in a lofty place, speaking words about failure, war, hurt and the hope of better things to come.

The melody is still fresh in your head, and the energy is still inside you. The volume continues, and it feels natural. It's altered this time around. It's darker, and it makes you think a little deeper. You retreat to the most basic levels of existence and wait there with your regrets but also with your ability to overcome adversity. Your mind goes from closed to narrow to open, and you've finally realized that.

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