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The Dropskots
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The Dropskots Biography

Fast. Aggressive. Melodic. Beer. There are plenty of ways to describe The Dropskots, a four-piece punk rock outfit hailing from Denver, CO, they have truly begun establishing themselves amongst their peers within the ever growing Colorado punk scene. Forming in the Winter of '99, as a 3 piece band, The Dropskots began with a core of lifelong friendship and corresponding tastes in music that drove them to write songs-songs that they enjoyed.

Fortunately, a steady fan base began to grow around The Dropskots as they released their Land of Aracely EP (out of print). The release only fuelled the fan base, and energized The Dropskots to keep writing and recording. The Dropskots went on and released a full length self titled LP in 2001. Having sold out their first original pressing, (mostly throughout Colorado, along with several Midwest and west coast tours) The Dropskots were forced to press another thousand, which are selling just as strong. This has been possible due to their success opening for such bands as Sum 41, Fall Out Boy, UnwrittenLaw, AutoPilot Off, Gob, Mustard Plug, Sugarcult, the Riddlin' Kids, Homegrown, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Eyeliners, The Aquabats, and many others, while still staying true to the Colorado scene. Willing to play anywhere, everywhere, and with anyone, The Dropskots have secured a prominent and die hard fan base that is willing to follow.

The future remains bright for The Dropskots; at the beginning of 2006 they decided to expand their music and live show by asking longtime rocker and friend Chris Tafoya, to join the band as bass player. Which moved lead singer Matt over to rhythm guitar, Jesse at lead guitar and back ups and Dan pounding the drums. The Dropskots live show has been more explosive than it ever was! After almost two years of being in the studio and tons of anticipation, The Dropskots put out their second full length album in March of 2006 entitled, "Unplayed music that may or may not be heard." Following the release, plans of touring in the summer and fall of 2006, while encouraging fans to go to their official website and My Space page, to download new and FREE music. Working together with the scene and the fans, Dropskots will remain a staple of the Colorado scene and begin to embark of the next phase of the ever present punk rock ideology.

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