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Conspiracy Assassins
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Conspiracy Assassins Biography


1.the act of conspiring together 2. a:an agreement among conspirators b: a group of conspirators


2: especially:one who murders a politically important person either for hire or from fanatical motives

Emerging from the bland music scene in Denver, a super-group of musical assassins takes form. The intricate, technical hooks, riffs and grooves emanating from this group of conspirators will destroy the redundant, tasteless metal that is flooding the airwaves. This group of conspirators, gathered freely under the noses of the unaware and vow to ruthlessly slaughter mundane metal, one band at a time, city by city, state to state. Conspiracy Assassins offers the experience, and expertise of Vic ("dry erase board") Acquila-laying the foundation for the massacre by providing the pounding pulse of this creation, the heartbeat, lifeblood, a fury of drum beats so sick you'll kick your grandma into the pit (baaaahaaahaaa), Ed (p.s. Peking) the magic bullet in the equation, his devastating guitar lines will spawn another Warren Commission, and abrasive chaos, Tano Archuleta-(That Heineken is Meineken) guitar virtuoso with an inborn ability in sculpting requiems, Cyanide ("Laundromat") - (wash your clothes) providing the voice of this group, his growls, screams and true emotion emit the gritty reality in which we operate, and Dave (Is that D2?) Lierman - he sleeps in a tub of Rubik's cubes and Gold Bond, and he smells like cheese...oh yeah, he plays bass too, and he did not have relations with that woman, your mom, or your little sister. CON-ASS Has shared the stage with Pungent Stench, Anal Blast, Bowels Out, Sworn Enemy, Bleed The Sky, Silent Civlian, On Broken Wings, Dysrythmia, Nights Like These, Black my Heart, Incantation, and Years of Desolation...

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