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Cage Biography

Cage is an internationally recognized touring artist with nearly 20 yrs in the music industry. He has released classic albums such as Movies For the Blind and Hells Winter, both appearing in Billboards charts when released. Cage was part of the famed Def Jux label and was instrumental in bringing worldy recognition to Eastern Conference Records in the late 90s and early millenium.
Besides his critically acclaimed solo work, he has released group projects with Tame One (Leak Bros), the late Camu Tao (Nighthawks) and was cofounder of the legendary underground collective The Weathermen.
Present day Cage is now living in LA, most recently he toured with Kid Cudi, appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, was cast in the upcoming horror film Spring and began recording a highly anticipated, new album.
Most recently, Cage collaborated with Dj Mighty Mi for the release of Kill the Architect on Eastern Conference Records, ushering in a whole new demographic of young fans, a base which has only grown since the release of Depart from Me, and a bevy of stellar reviews.


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