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Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes Dates
Sat Nov 11, 2023
Plus Special Guest: Busta Rhymes & Jeremih
The O2, London, United Kingdom
Fri Nov 17, 2023 - 8:00 PM
Plus Special Guests Busta Rhymes & Jeremih
OVO Arena Wembley, London, United Kingdom
Tue Nov 21, 2023
Plus Special Guest: Busta Rhymes
The O2, London, United Kingdom

Busta Rhymes Biography

Hip-hop used to be a young man's game. Back in the day, inexperienced newcomers who stumbled into a studio with a head full of ideas made a lot of waves, and also sold a lot of records, more times than not.

But hip-hop isn't a teenager anymore, and neither are its biggest stars. Power moves are the way. Men and women who are destined to win the races now have knowledge and proven track records.

With that in mind, two legendary vets have joined forces in 2006 to produce one hell of a bangin' album. The Big Bang of an album, in fact. Shout it from the rooftops: Busta Rhymes has teamed up with Dr. Dre's Aftermath empire, and life is now very good for hip-hop fans worldwide.

The Big Bang will succeed for a lot of reasons, but Dre's no-rush style is a major one. It's also the one that has brought about the biggest adjustment for the usually bang-em-out Mr. Rhymes. But he knows it's a blessing: "Patience has definitely been my best weapon on this project, because Dre will never rush anything. It's been a deep experience overall because it's really been just me and him in the studio most of the time. We both knew that I needed to challenge myself to put together something that went beyond anything I've ever done before."

All in all, The Big Bang is about great music, and all about the new Busta, a man who has always thrown the rap game a new curveball each time he has stepped to the proverbial mound. He says, with charismatic gusto: "It was just time for this, and I didn't rush a thing, which makes it even more amazing to my ears. A couple years back I just needed to change my whole life and I did, starting with my record label. After that, everything just fell into place. I look better, I feel better and there's just a more powerful aura that comes across in everything I'm doing now. The Big Bang is a record that people are always going to remember as the one where I really showed the world just who Busta was."

And why is it different from everything out there? "It's ME!!," Busta shouts. "What more do you need? No one can do hip-hop like me! There's only one Busta Rhymes, and that's just it."

It's big, it's bangin, it's Busta. And those are three B's that you can take to the bank.


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