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Brett Scallions
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Brett Scallions Biography

An up-close and personal event with one of rock’s premier front-men, performing songs that influenced his life, defined the post grunge era, and accompanied him on his journey through rocks looking glass.

In 1994, Brett Scallions moved his life to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, from his hometown of Brownsville, Tennessee to help bring to life a band that would soon rechristen itself as Fuel. As unlikely a place on the map it may have been to launch a career in rock music, Fuel became a vital part of the post grunge landscape. But make no mistake it’s been Brett’s talent, charisma, and signature voice that has maintained his vitality in the music industry for over two decades.

Search every list of rock’s greatest vocalist, and usually smack dab among the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, STP’s Scott Weiland, RHCP’s Anthony Keidis, and the other great voices from the alternative and post grunge era, you’ll find Brett’s name. With that unmistakable tone, that soulful vibrato, and that hint of his southern roots; Brett Scallions has certainly earned his place on any top rock vocalist list.

As the original and current vocalist for Fuel, Brett has sold millions of records, filled arenas, and has garnered awards and accolades; and even played the inauguration of The President Of The United States. That would be enough to fill anyone’s bucket list for a career, but Brett’s legacy only begins with Fuel.

He has performed and toured with many of rock’s royalty. Brett’s talent and sheer determination has opened doors (no pun intended), as he was handpicked by Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger of The Doors to stand between them onstage, and sing the magical songs of The Doors, night after night, in concert halls and arenas throughout the world after he left Fuel.
Brett Scallions “root to rock” is more than a concert, it is a shared experience. A catalogue of songs from a tour, a tour of not just Brett’s musical life, but his real life as well. You’ll hear tales of the highest highs, and the lowest lows; all wrapped around the songs that were his companions, and pulled him through. He will strip away the layers of his music, his story, his life and engage fans as few artists can. You know these songs, you know the words, now you get to know the man behind the voice.

It’ll be just you and Brett, and a couple hundred of his closest friends, tossing back a few, and taking a journey from “roots to rock”.


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